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Other Services

Events come in different sizes & Shapes,
Picnic style or on china Plates!
They come about for different Reasons,
And can occur throughout the Seasons.
House Blessings, Baby Welcomings or Coming of Age,
Whatever the Milestone, we'll help you turn the page.
Any event that's special for you,
A Business meeting or an Invocation, too!
Private & intimate, or all out Lux,
In your jeans or wearing a Tux!
Plan it large or keep it Small,
Just you two or include them All!
Take months to plan, or decide out of the Blue,
We'll make it special, just for You!

Creative Celebrations has long supported the LGBT community. Let us help you celebrate your special union with vibrancy and joy. We will create, with you, a Commitment Ceremony that honors your uniqueness and your one-of-a-kind love...a Ceremony you will treasure forever.

Made it to the 10 year mark? 20 years? 50 years? Remind the world why you're still together. Renewing your vows is an epic celebration for that big anniversary coming up! Our Celebrants can assist you to re-create all the feelings of your first wedding or put together something new and fresh to express the enduring nature of your special union.

The addition of a child into your family is an event like no other! A celebration to be shared with everyone around you! A skilled Celebrant can introduce your newest bundle of joy to the world with flair and elegance. We'll incorporate your own experiences into a welcoming ceremony that will not soon be forgotten.

Turning your new house into a family "home" takes more than just floor lamps and furniture. It takes love, commitment and support. It takes special times and a feeling of oneness with your new surroundings. It takes "family"! A home is more than just a house, and your housewarming should be more than a party. Let one of our Celebrants bless your mess in style. We'll provide a custom service to invite in all good energies and cast out all the dark. We'll ring out with the old and in with the new and help you celebrate the first steps in creating your happy home.

Are your orchestrating or hosting an upcoming event? No matter what the size, your group needs the vitality of the entire crowd to focus on the intentions for the gathering. We can help tame the audience and bring their energies together to motivate the life-force you are seeking and bring their full attention to the task at hand. Let us be the voice that brings the right spirit to your meeting or seminar and represent your organization with the importance and distinction it deserves.

Upcoming retirement? Starting a new job? Having an event that celebrates something we didn't mention? We can help you create a ceremony that honors any upcoming milestone in your life. Give us a call and let's put the "magic" into your special day!!